Saturday, January 23, 2010

+she'd stay that way if it was up to me

The way a good night of sleep feels, Saturday morning cleaning that reminds me of being home, the ingeniousness of clorox wipes, smiling even when you're alone, long walks on breezy days with good friends, simple relaxation, more walks, curled hair, using the resources at hand, the power of wind, a hug for every three-pointer, being frugal, making dinner that is tastier than any meal out, celebrating birthdays, bowling adventures, my iu hoodie's warmth.

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I am a recent grad-school grad, who enjoys spending my time learning to make the perfect cup of coffee, running as many miles as my legs will carry me on, learning music that I'm skeptical about but that Devon says I'll love, and loving on my sweet friends - near and afar.

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