Friday, March 5, 2010

+maybe i don't know where they'll take me, gotta keep movin on

A packed car that's ready to be driven, packing cereal for lunch, sweet messages and notes that fill me up with smiles, peaches in grocery stores again (even if they're not exactly ripe yet), lovely friends both near and far, recovering gently, bananas, rolled down windows, open roads, the family at dinner together, eating my body weight in chips and salsa, cutting up old t-shirts for saving/future crafting, feeling safe and protected in a real house again.

"And don't apologize, for all the tears you've cried -
you've been way too strong now for all your life."
-Mat Kearney

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I am a recent grad-school grad, who enjoys spending my time learning to make the perfect cup of coffee, running as many miles as my legs will carry me on, learning music that I'm skeptical about but that Devon says I'll love, and loving on my sweet friends - near and afar.

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