Thursday, March 25, 2010

+we don't need our bags and we can just leave town

Seeing 5:00 in the morning, loyal friends, the way the ground leaves as you take off and dwelling in the clouds, sunrise over the plains, it's a small world, beautiful beautiful open air and space and that sense of freedom that comes with it, easy interactions, fun vans rides, everything clicking, when missions and values align seamlessly, mascot ice breakers, magnificent housing, fitting in, ghost stories! tents!, dakota-ians, iowa-ians, easy-to-walk-in-heels, the sunshine coming out and warming up the day, sharing nibs in class, sweet text messages of encouragement and support, apples-to-apples battles, feeling like old friends already, comfort, basketball going into overtime, awesome roomates, going to sleep smiling.

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I am a recent grad-school grad, who enjoys spending my time learning to make the perfect cup of coffee, running as many miles as my legs will carry me on, learning music that I'm skeptical about but that Devon says I'll love, and loving on my sweet friends - near and afar.

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