Sunday, April 18, 2010

+hurry now, lay me down, and let these waters flow

Catching up via snail mail, big pots of coffee for a Sunday morning of focus, hard workouts that make me feel accomplished, waiting on dinnertime, grocery lists, hoping the world (not my world) slows down one day, long afternoons at the park, catching up on journaling, sunkissed shoulders, knees, and nose, giggling.

"I could tell you the wildest of tales, my friend the giant and traveling sails.
Tell you all the times that I failed, the years all behind me, the stories exhaled.
And I'm drying out, crying out, this isn't how I go." -yellowcard

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I am a recent grad-school grad, who enjoys spending my time learning to make the perfect cup of coffee, running as many miles as my legs will carry me on, learning music that I'm skeptical about but that Devon says I'll love, and loving on my sweet friends - near and afar.

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