Friday, April 9, 2010

+let's not try to figure out everything at once

Walking to my favorite coffee shop, no lulls, breakfast being the best meal of the day, keeping motivated, baking a golden brown loaf of bread that's warm and soft, double duty, lima beans, finishing a thriller novel and being happy with the way it ended, italics, racing to see one another, the poise and beauty of a dance performance, athleticism, cool evenings, fitting in even when I least expect to, being offered a coat, late sonic turned mcdonalds runs, honesty, focus.

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I am a recent grad-school grad, who enjoys spending my time learning to make the perfect cup of coffee, running as many miles as my legs will carry me on, learning music that I'm skeptical about but that Devon says I'll love, and loving on my sweet friends - near and afar.

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