Thursday, March 22, 2012

+so all of the thoughts I thought I might tell her turned into songs that until now she’s never heard of

This is my leg and my foot on the pavement in St. Paul, MN. I would love to say that I'm a confident woman who has outgrown the self-conscious days of being a teen and a 20-something, but alas I have not. I look at that knee and am disgusted. It looks dough-y and unathletic. I beat myself up so much about the way that my body has formed. Yet those shoes? Those shoes make me smile. This is the pair that won 3rd place in a local 5K last September. The same pair that carried me through 26.2 miles in November on that blustery morning, and the ones that still carry me on many a good run and look cute doing it. Despite where I am on my scale of body-image-confidence, these shoes will make me crack a smile daily.

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